Featured Projects

Unofficial EvCC Class Schedule Search

Django web app that takes the class schedule at EvCC and provides important search features left out of the original like search by credit type. [Try It]

LessWrong Survey Analysis

Community survey for lesswrong.com with over 3000 respondents. In depth analysis performed on 148 questions, includes k-means clustering of demographics and analysis of predictions using brier score. I also did a writeup on the lesswrong.com website.

Library Project

When I was in high school we didn't have a library. We did however have a large number of books, so it occurred to me that if I indexed them I could build a library. I started this in my junior year and it eventually graduated into being the Senior Project that was at the time legally required to graduate high school. I eventually succeeded and wrote up my efforts in two blog posts. [Try It]

Hacker News Saved Stories Export

A utility to export Hacker News saved stories that I wrote one day because I find the sites saved stories feature very useful but noticed there's no way to save my data.