Me photographed next to the 'Bernie Birds'.

The birdkeeper. If you look over on the bottom right you'll notice that the grey parrot is defecating on a Trump headline. (She swears this wasn't intentional.)

Grey parrot closeup.

Green parrot pair.

Green parrot pair closeup.

They were a bit camera shy.

Left green parrot closeup.

Second floor of the convention setting up before things get busy.

Same but from the right of the last photo.

Scenic shot of the first floor escalators.

Scenic shot of the first floor from the perspective of the escalators.

First floor elevators.

First floor lobby, mostly empty throughout the convention.

Same but from the right of the last photo.

Same but from the left.

Scenic shot of just the lobby entrance.

Top floor of the convention and registration area. This is them setting up before the crowd arrives.

Scenic long shot of the registration area with people arriving to register.

Another in the same vein, but a bit closer up.

Closeup of a delegate registering.

Closer look at the registration tables and staff.

Same but further down the aisle.

Longshot down the aisle.

Even further down the aisle.

People arriving, interacting.

Same as last.

The convention had a lot of registration issues. This was the line to get them fixed. I decided to sit in for an absent volunteer to hand out badges and schedules, so this photo of the line is from behind a registration table.

Another photo of the line.

Handing out delegate passes.

'After' photo of the line.

Same as last.

The whole floor was a ghost town once that line cleared.

Continuation of the last photo.

The top floor of the convention had an incredible mountain view.

I think this was the platform committee.

Same as last.

The best evidence I have for that is this photo which comes right after.

Credentials committee.

Same as last.

Double doors to it.

I don't know.

This room was used for various talks during the convention.

Same as last.

Journalist setting up their camera to get footage.

Look who made an appearance at the convention!

This one is taken from a better angle. You might even mistake it for the real Bernie Sanders until you look a bit closer.

I think this was a different talk. Maybe even a different room.

Same as last.

Same but from a different angle.

I saw this door labelled "trash room" at my hotel and peered inside.

I'm not sure what I expected, really.

Me after the first day at the convention.

Me the next day, this outfit was my personal favorite.

The first day of the convention was talks, meeting the other delegates, etc. This was the main convention proper. Here photographed before starting so most of the seats are empty.

Same as last.

Same as last.

Same as last.

Hillary delegate being interviewed by journalists.

Shot over the crowd.

Same as last but closer up.

Bernie Sanders alternate wearing a Bernie onesie.

Hotel across from the convention center with political posters in the window.

Closeups of the posters.

Same but over on the left.

Wideshot of the hotel.

Ugly selfie of me getting my alternate pass upgrade to delegate.

Delegate wearing a Mt. Rushmore hat.

Captain Hillster, fights crime and beats up Bernie Bros!

When I saw him earlier in the day he was just wearing the Bernie onesie. I'd been told the day before that things would get crazy on convention day. He was the first thing I saw when I walked back from my hotel wearing his Bernie onesie (which I had initially thought was a latex suit) and that kind of set the tone for the rest of the day.

My outfit for the last day of the convention.

They had this terminal set up to greet guests.

Closeup of the terminal.

At large delegate selection. Most people don't show up for this part.

Same as last.

Photo of the media setup. Most of the crew that was there yesterday is gone, these guys are left behind to film the last of it.

People interacting, looking at lists(?) on tables, etc.

More interaction.

Same as last.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading.